Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maksud nama; Girang.

Apart from daily update because i love to talk and say unnecessary things (but no one to entertain me), i think (and hope) that i can read all of these entries whenever i feel i wanted to, or  when they should be a time, where i need to read it, the most.

so what's up yesterday?

both encik husband and myself went to our work routine. basically he will send me before he off to work and selalu dalam kereta we will talk (prftt...) almost about anything. he always said this,

"sayang....orang lain bangun pagi-pagi muram je, senyap jer....u pagi-pagi dah riang. girang-macam nama u...hahaha". 

haihh....encik husband kalau pagi-pagi tak kutuk i memang tak sah.

semalam dekat train station, he arrived early and waited for me. kalau dia tunggu tu, tak lain tak bukan mesti nak kenakan i. nanti dia menyorok la mana-mana and i macam orang bodoh la cari-cari dia. perangai sangat...-____________- but being the awesome me; i saw him from a far and quickly took out my hp and BBMed him,

"tak payah nak menyorok sayang....i dah nampak you..."

he replied, "demmit.."

hahahaha......ingat i senang untuk diperbodohkan? then when i came near him, dia lari. DIA LARI OK?i pergi kanan, dia pergi kiri, i pergi kiri dia pergi kanan. ni apa ni? and i laughed like mad, you know, for having him as my husband...-_________- i dont know why i married him in the first place. but luckily he bought some tuna and chocolate bread and orange twister. i memang dah haus but not that hungry. dap dap dap.... =)

and last night, arrived around 7.15pm, quickly i cooked for our dinner. simple dish; sweet sour fish and i used ikan bawal hitam, bendi and sambal belacan, and air sirap. and yes, encik husband makan bertambah, and i always love when he do that. but he has put some weight (psstt...especially around the waist..hikhik), so he asked me not to cook sedap-sedap and banyak-banyak. fine.

when he off to his daily night jog, i took the chance untuk gosok baju and seluar and everything. dapatlah 3 baju and 4 seluar. enough sampai monday next week. then bila dia balik dari jog semalam, i stopped ironing, and joined him for his 'cool down' session, under the air conditioner...-___________- sambil tu borak-borak. he massaged my foot, lama jugak sebab kitorang borak pun bukan main lama. hahaha....bila tersedar nak dekat pukul 11, dua-dua pun kelam kabut mandi, then solat jemaah.

tau-tau masa encik husband baca quran, i was asleep like a baby next to him. tak tau pukul berapa masa tu, i rasa pukul 12.00am kot. im easily got into sleep now a days, i think because of the pregnancy, cepat sikit penat dia. but i am totally having fun spending time (and energy of course) dengan encik husband.

he's my best friend, and spending time with him is just as awesome as he is.... ;)

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