Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Husband extra concerned...heee...

hi guys!

it's been awhile kan?sorry sorry because i was so busy doing stuff (as usual...prffttt!). bukan apa pun, it is just encik husband was already home, FOR GOOD!!yeay........ no more sleepless nights, no more go-check-up sendiri, no more i-want-to-eat-this-but-too-lazy-to-drive, and finally, no more no-one-to-pick-a-fight-with..hahahaha!!!even on the day he came home, which was on sunday afternoon, we had a fight. (i think when our baby has grown up and read this, she will eventually understands why daddy and mommy fights a lot..hehehe). simply because, we can't bear to be apart for such a long time.

anyway, bila encik husband balik, i'm back to my old (compulsary) routine. house chores. and oh boy, i don't have that energy anymore, the kind of energy i had in the beginning of marriage life, because i'm pregnant now -______________-. not that i'm complaining, it is just i move a bit slower, and my foot hurt so much these days. macam semalam, i fell asleep on the couch (while waiting for encik husband mandi). then he came to me and kejut me, asking to have a isya' prayer together (jemaah). i geleng2 kepala, too tired to perform prayer. but he insisted. fine.

lepas semayang i terus boom tidur!but my foot damn i asked encik husband to urut my kaki. omg....memang sedap gila..urut dengan kasih sayang plak tu....hikhik...lama jugak dia urut sampai tertidur-tidur i. pastu tidur nyenyak the whole night.

pagi tadi, masa kat ofis, encik husband BBM i. he said,

"semalam masa i urut kaki u,i teringat u kena jalan jauh, berdiri dalam train, jalan kaki pergi ofis, pastu tukar train, panas, hujan....kita sedih...:( "

pastu i yang baca ni pun terus mencurah-curah air mata. ain't a pregnant lady is full with emotions?hikhik...sedih and terharu because he knows that, what's happening to me, and he realized that and pointed them out. kadang-kadang i pun tak fikir sangat, tapi dah dia cakap, i pun jadi sedih. tak sangka encik husband concerned sangat macam tu. and i tak rasa pun dia akan tahu benda-benda tu.

but he did.

and i love him for that. i know (and pray) that he will be a good daddy to auni, and a great husband to me.

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