Friday, August 19, 2011

I count on You

Sometimes I just want to be 'that' somebody,yang hatinya kuat, yang don't give a damn on anything pun. I wish I am that person.

But being me,made this way, kadang-kadang perasan itu kecundang jugak di tengah jalan. But trust me,I tried my very best to keep it together,to be strong. Luarannya kelihatan kuat,tapi kat dalam serapuhnya. But no one knows,not even myself. Cuma boleh rasa. Sakit.

I know I am lucky.I did know.

Cuma, I need 'that' something to buy me that feelings. To convince me. To tell me how lucky I am, how lovely the feelings are. Because I was hurt so much,so so much that it left me with deep scars.

It heals eventually,but the feelings remain.

I don't know what went wrong.nothing is wrong I guess. It is just I am not 'that' kind of person that don't give a damn on anything.

Because I AM that person, who gives a damn on EVERYTHING.

Because I am made with HEART.

Ps: mainan perasaan ni. Tak pun mainan syaitan. Tak pun sebenarnya tengah rindu ni pastu tak dilayan perasaan ni kan..pastu mulalah nak mengada buat entry camni..haha!

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