Sunday, August 14, 2011


semalam after iftar, i went to fetch encik bf at his house, cheras. ada barang needs to be exchanged selain dapat my angry bird bought by one of his friend. terharu sangat sebab tak rasa pun dia beli because we were like talking just in the facebook. tiba-tiba encik bf call cakap angry bird dah sampai. i was like...whaattt? but anyway, dah dapat. and it was so cuteeee!!

then we went to mamak's stall and hang out with two of his friends, yang memang kenal pun. watching football and biasalah, borak2. encik bf busy talking with kawan dia, so i took the chance untuk borak with the other friend, memang close friend pun. and he was talking about something nice to hear from A to Z. its good when people start talking something important and privacy in one's life, sebab by that time, (s)he is start to believe you. although dia tak cakap directly, psychologycally, dia dah let you in his/her life.

but the time was like 3.30am in the morning, haruslah bergegas pulang. encik bf juga kelihatan lentok-lentok. dia kan, kalau dah ngantuk, die jadi cranky. dia nak kata kita cranky, tapi dia pun sama. but he was like so cuteeee, rasa macam nak tumbuk2 jer...haha

i pecut like 110km/h which i seldomly did, maybe this was my first time (boleh gelak sekarang), and it took me like 10-15minutes to drove from cheras to gombak. memang terbaik. and i drove at the fast lane (clap hands)...teehee. kaau kena saman memang menangis aku.

hrmm..tiba-tiba rindu plak kat encik bf. tinggal lagi sebulan jer...and hopefully and i pray hard, things will always on our side...i love him and will always have...

ps: 20minit lagi nak buka puasa..yeay!!

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