Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working Matters

I thanked my mum for always taught us about life and mum had been working with the chinese for almost her entire life.she said that the working style of the chinese are different.diorang sangat rajin and keep us to work harder and contribute more to the organization.but they will pick chinese for higher position no matter how good you are,but if you are not a chinese,they won't pick u.

My dad oppositely had been working with mostly indians and malays.he said indians are different.indians are more friendly compare to chinese and malay.and they like to share stories and experiences.but the bad thing is,they are backstabbers.especially to their own race.

Malays are more to the laid back and watch.but these lead them to bersikap malas.dalam islam memang kita diajar supaya bersyukur dengan apa yang ada,but that doesn't mean kita tak boleh work hard and contribute more.and I realized that.that malays malas.

I work with indians and they acted as what I said before.and it was so sad because benda ni terjadi bukan sebab religion or races,tapi sikap manusia itu sendiri.human behaviour.and ramai yang terkena atas sikap backstabb and fitnah orang and create stories and all.

Personally I think,kita tak boleh blame agama,race,nationality.this is more of your education,background,and how were you brought up by your family and all.I have chinese,indian,and malay friends NOT like I described this is wrong.

I always hold these whenever I go:
1)Jujur dengan apa yang kita buat,cakap.
2)Berbuat baik dengan semua orang
4)Always think positive
5)Jangan berprasangka buruk pada orang.
6)Ikhlas dengan perbuatan kita.

I'm not good and sometimes I don't follow my principles.but I am trying whenever I can. And I hope other people also have their own good principle.these will lead to a better place to work and live.

Ps: this is personal opinion and doesn't involve anyone.and I have 1 chinese wedding,1 malays wedding,and 2 indian weddings to attend.from kl down to south.cmne woi!!

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