Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ain't missing

I almost forgot that I have not been out for a date for almost 2 weeks.I I know why I'm being so childish,emotionally emo,and kinda miss him.and I can see the know,klau minggu ni pergi dating,the whole week kitorg bbm,calls and everthing.tapi kalau minggu tu tak dating,the whole week kitorg x spend time whether bbm ke,calls ke.dia ada seminar ke,I have meeting ke.

He,always be the mr-cool,bukan dia kisah pun pegi dating ke tak.janji he knows that his gf is happy,dia oklah. Unless gf die dah membebel,merajuk,bergaduh tak reply bbm die tau la dunia berpusing berapa kelajuannya.teehee..

Anyway dah lama sangat tak buat suprise kat dia.and I don't even think he reads my blog.but anyway,nak buat suprise tapi ongkos takde..tapi entahlah.

I hope this week we can go out and have fun.kate nak makan steamboat kan.:)

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