Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiring Sunday

Bf stated that we should date differently by doing different things,unlike the usual know.usual dates that we did were like watching movies but with premium seats,eat at fancy restaurant such as kfc,foodcourt,mcd,kenny rogers,tgif for lunch, and dine out at local restaurant with expensive foods such as ikan siakap,sotong wasting.

But he wanted something different,and we too want to cut down cost and save for our future. (But still I love watching movies and sit for hours borak2).

Thus he decided to bring me hiking at broga hills,for 2nd time!ayayaya...penat I memang kejam. But I followed him,dalam keterpaksaan. But my family wants to follow too.ayah,mama,sis,cousins.

He,being the nicest bf ever,he waited for my mum for every steps that she took.sama macam I masa first time panjat.I?dah jauh ke depan,tak peduli.

Balik tu we all went for breakfast and I asked him to treat me nasi lemak kerang as a pay for paksa me hiking.

And petang,we went for our usual dating (haha!) at the mines .nak tengok movie penuh,so he treats me with pizza san fransisco.(Cajun chicken is wow)

I guess it was not all about cut cost,but to have a healthy lifestyle.hehehe..I couldn't love him more..yummy! And sayang, I don't regretted it.not a single of it.
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