Saturday, February 26, 2011

They way i want you is not the same way as You want me.

have you ever feel like, all this while you had been telling the same damn thing over and over again until the day that you finally assumed that the person would had at least understand the whole thing, but in the end the person is (still) doing the same thing, over and over again?

is it what we called miscommunication, or plain stupid?


it's been two weeks straight, i did not get my saturday and sunday off (i work from monday until friday) due to the workload. it is not about someone paksa me to go to work, it came from a thing called, responsibility. and of course OT claiming. what else?so of course im off to work esok.

i just went back from a friend's wedding at negeri sembilan. okay my friend sangat la cantik with the purple dress and the makeup-fulamak i tell you! was fun watching people getting married. you know why?because we know that guy HAVE already decided to take her as a wife and to live forever with her. isn't sweet? agaknya kalau i la kahwin, mau berhari-hari menangis sebab i know (at last) there's somebody actually in love with me. and i just want to thank him like everyday for everything.

haihh...sebak plak. takpela.


pernah tak ada kawan yang janji nak belikan you something tapi sebab you taknak jumpa orang tu atas sebab-sebab yang tak dapat nak elakkan, tiba-tiba dia cakap nak bagi kat orang lain benda tu? same macam mula-mula dia nak ajak kau pergi tengok wayang, tiba-tiba kau tak boleh nak pergi, dia ajak orang lain? atau sebenarnya dia memang HARAP kau jangan jumpa dia sebab dia MEMANG nak bagi benda tu kat orang lain dan of course nak tengok wayang dengan orang lain.

sebab kalau i la kena macam tu, memang hancur luluh la hati jantung ni. memangis berhari-hari la kiranya. mood out and feel so damn USELESS. least i know, im not that SPECIAL anyway in that person's life. kan?

kadang-kadang hidup berkawan nie, kita boleh tau la samada dia memang nak kawan kita, atau kawan masa memerlukan je. boleh fikir sendiri dah kot.

*senyum sinis*

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