Sunday, September 26, 2010

Realizing the sacrification

what a word la...

anyway, how far can a man sacrifice for you, especially when you are the one he loves??


i know this one guy.hrmm... literally, i never met him personally. but i know i love him as one of my very good friend. you wouldn't be able to imagine how great he is when it comes to love. even i pon takkan terdetik yang ada lelaki macam tu kat dunia nie. i thought it was all in the movies.

no, i tau ada orang macam tu kat dunia, tapi tak sangka 'orang itu' adalah sangat2 dekat dengan i, i presumed.

i shall not talk more about this. but i hope he knows that i always pray for his happiness.


sejak dari detik itu, i tau love and feelings adalah dua benda yang sangat-sangat penting when we are in a relationship, especially yang serious one. miracle. let's just hope it will happen, kan?

i'm done with everything. it's time untuk mulakan hidup baru!! life is too short to be sober.


ps: hey little fishes, can't wait to meet u!!

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