Thursday, September 23, 2010

i've got mine..yeay!

thanks to daddy sebab belikan this ultimate cutest gorgeous MP3 for me. hoyeah!! although mine is not as cool as adik's ipod classic and sure it does not cost ayah almost rm1k, but i am happy and glad to have this.


since ayah asked me, "why you need this mp3 since you already owned a mp4?". my reasons are:

1. my mp4 memang sangat cantik diluar siap silicon case bagai, but it is broken in the inside. dah tak boleh nak transfer lagu dah. T_T.
2. i need it as a reason to go to the gym. ececece...ntah bila la tu. or nanti masa jogging2 boleh dengar lagu.
3. i have to go alone to borneo so i cannot use my hp as a mp3 player sebab nanti run out of battery so nanti susah nak call etc etc.
4. adik got one, so why can't i?

i know my mp3 player is not as cool as yours, but hey, it's a mp3 player, to listen to the music. psstt...although im not a big fan of listening to the songs, but sometimes a girl just need her songs jugak kan?


so, which one is mine? mestila pink!

and haritu i ada beli pink card reader,i wonder how am i going to bawak all the stuffs including my 2 USBs, hp, the mp3 player, and other things?not a crime pon kan to have at least a pouch untuk sumbat semua nie?

cantik kan? polka2 lagi. i know la it's a ipod portable speaker, tapi kita kasi keluar la itu speaker and use only the pouch, boleh kan? or maybe actually diorang jual the case je and not the speaker?i dont know. nanti kita find out la. kalau mahal sangat kita beli yang ni jela.

sweetnyer... i love it so much!!ni kalau kat uptown pun ada nie. selalupun rm5. ngurat2 sikit beli 3 dapat rm10. cukup la satu isi coins, satu isi gadjets, satu lagi bagi mama. har har har. mama suka la kot barang2 cmnie.teehee...

so, jom kita packing!

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