Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Glad Everything is Alright

oh geez, nothing to be worried about. i am just glad to know that everything is alright. everything is under control. and i am so thankful to Allah above.


for all the people i loved, there's only one person yang betul-betul tau perangai sebenar i. even my best friend wouldn't know 'what' is me actually. the way i act, the way i talk, is totally different and beyond of anything that you can think about. kiranya macam, literally, i am not myself when i'm with my friends or any other person. not even my family.

Pisces. Perfect melancholy is what i am.

so, if you think you CANNOT cope with me, you do not understand my behaviour, you do not get what i mean, you do not understand my feelings and situation, you CANNOT accept such nonsense stupid immature response from me, so please. don't make it harder for both of us okay?

there's one thing we called LOVE. and for as long as i live, memang takde undang-undang dalam cinta. all i know is, we should accept him/her the way he/she is on the day you say "i love you..".

ps: randy pangalila. apsal hot sangat!?

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