Monday, February 25, 2013


i missed being a wife. you know, a solehah-kind of wife. hahaha....actually, what i mean was, i missed being a wife, cooking and cleaning for encik husband, ironing his 100 pieces of clothes and pants, sweeping and mopping the house, buang sampah and all. -______- but last week, i was at home with him and we kinda enjoyed our time together. dah lama sangat tak spend time berdua macam tu..=)

on friday, the day he went back to KL, we had a meeting/family gathering at nenek's house. husband gave a surprise where by he changed the car's tyres and it was quite an expensive tyres, i mean for a local car, we did not need an expensive tyres right? it was almost rm400 for both tyres, but yeah. he is so sweet like that. at night, he brought all of my travel bags into the car (of course with a complaint why i have to bring so much bags for only over a weekend. i mean, he did not understand me at all. 1 for clothes, 1 for toiletries, and another one for MISC....prfttt...). it was late when we arrived home, but i had enjoyed cleaning the house sampai pukul 2am and i don't feel tired.

i don't feel tired when he is around me, definitely.

on saturday, we had a relatives wedding near putrajaya, and he kept telling me that i looked beautiful on that day, and he kissed me a lot, all over my face. walaupun rimas, but i kinda like it. i love it when he did that, tapi kadang-kadang mengacau dia lebih and i can't do my work properly. -________- sometimes i just wish that he off to sleeps. hikhik...

balik wedding we just stayed at home, watching movies, and munching on fruits and snack until we falled asleep and only woke up nak dekat maghrib, lepas tu kelam kabut makan and kemas barang sebab nak tidur kat rumah MIL. MIL was alone at home as abah is busy with Le Tour. encik husband balik semata nak tengok bola (we don't have astro, remember?). i accompanied him while doing my Sudoku, and cannot tahan until 1am i asked him to masuk tidur since dia pun macam terkebil-kebil tahan mata. cute!berlagak macam orang muda, tapi tak boleh pun.

ahad pagi tu, MIL dah siap-siapkan breakfast and i had roti canai and some kuih. then, we went to Ikea to survey some items for home macam bookcase and baby cot. i bought a nice cheap big glass bowl, and already used it malam tadi letak kuah bolognese. husband insisted nak ajak i pergi makan Chillis or TGIF, but i want him to splurge the money for my new handbeg, as a birthday present!! he said okay, tapi ajak makan jugak.-_________- apakah??

and i insisted to have lunch at home as i wanted to cook! (i missed being a solehah wife, remember?hahaha)

we stopped at carefour, and he bought me some mini piza, and a few snacks. he even bought me bayam for my makan. malam tu we spent most of our time talking, hugging and playing around the house. husband cut fruits for me and baby pie, tembikai and honeydew. he was so sweet, he even stored the cut fruits in tupperware for easy munching. he cleaned the dinner table before me, and even wipe the kitchen top for me. sobs sobs.....tedih la...

lepas ni almost 1 week tak jumpa dia lagi. he'll be back to his training centre downsouth. i hope he will missed me as much as i do. take care sayang...we'll see you when you come home okay.

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