Friday, February 22, 2013

Baby's kicking : is it normal?

at about 25weeks, some of my friend said that my baby is quite active. even encik husband said, baby pie is just like the mother, active! i think by means was that, actively talking and moving around? prfttt...and my friend also said, "kau ada 3 more months to go, and anak kau dah active camni...kau bayangkan nanti perut kau dah besar, and anak kau dah takde space nak gerak, tapi dia active macam sekarang, camne?sakit tau!".

well well well, wasn't that a great story to be heard? -__________-

anyway, i had looked up on the internet and i found non-tips to reduce the movement for an active baby. i don't give up, i mean i'm giving up looking in the internet, but i berserah and tawakal to my Greatest God. so i'm back where i'd started, reading Al-Quran. ehehehe....

i downloaded a complete surah yasin in my phone. i switched it on and put it near my tummy, and - there it goes!! suprisingly baby pie had stopped moving!! or at least, baby pie did not move as fast and constantly like she did. hahaha...good job mama!! *thumbs up*

tak tau la apa sebabnya dia bergerak aktif macam tu. it was quite a good feeling, knowing that you are pregnant, and that she's a healthy baby, but sometimes, bila dia bergerak tu, i do feel like vomitting, and like cramp/senak on my tummy, i mean ini gerak yang non-stop ke apa.

the reasons that i can think about right now are because:
1. baby pie kepanasan. you know, living in a 36 degrees (or more) of temperature can really give you a moody kind of feeling. panas kot.

2. that baby pie is boring being alone inside. mama dia was a bit busy these few days, and her papa is not around to keep talking with mama, so baby pie tak dengar any familiar suara so she's kicking around to notify me, "hello mama...i'm here and i'm boreeeeddddd!!".

3. the limited space she have. as i said, my tummy is not that big and i don't actually look like a pregnant lady, i'm more like a fat lady...-___________- sobs! it's alright, i work it out nanti.. so, due to the limited spaces, baby pie is stretching to get more spaces.

4. she is just being a normal 5-month baby and she's kicking just to have the idea on how to use the legs and that she's ready to join in the taekwando class. well, papa will be the most happy person on earth sebab anak dia excited nak join martial art's class.

i won't let you join the class. sian anak mama nanti kena tendang-tendang. sobs sobs..... -___________-


anyhow, the surah yasin helps alot. apart of giving calmness to the baby, i also feel great. dan semoga me and my family sentiasa di bawah lindungan Allah, the Almighty.

this weekend encik husband will be at home. thinking of cooking spaghetti since i don't eat rice dah. maybe he'll like it.

 malam tadi dia balik, suprisingly. he missed me as much i do i guess. hari-hari doa semoga our love will never fade, that i will always have this strong feeling towards him, and that he will love me and our baby more than his own life.

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