Friday, February 15, 2013

Cheap 2D Ultrasound in KL

semalam around 9pm, me and encik husband went for an ultrasound to check on baby pie. oh sheeshh, she is a healthy baby, tak reti dok diam! this was not my first time going to the ultrasound but was the first time for encik husband as his last visit was not counted because the stupid doctor cannot detect anything.. -_______-

encik husband seemed quite blurr with the whole thing, you know images and the position of the baby, but i'm sure he was excited as me! he holds my hand every time we walked together, or in the car. he showered me with all his loves and attentions that he could give.

anyway, baby pie was not ready to show us 'who' she really is....hikhik! means we don't know the gender. mama was a bit disappointed but relieved that baby pie is a one healthy baby. her head is approximately at 24weeks! but the doctor said mama cannot do a lot of hard works, cannot angkat berat, and cannot walk laju-laju. la..

 i totally banned Klinik Idzham especialy at Taman Melawati Kuala Lumpur, bad services, stupid doctor, arrogant, and not even a smile (specifically this one old tudung labuh lady doctor). i will never go to this clinic again. ever! received 1 unknown-printed pic of the ultrasound. not happy and totally disappointed!

then second ultrasound i did alone at Klinik Mediveron Sri Rampai. a young chinese male doctor at the time of my visit. very soft spoken and good services. semalam ingat nak buat kat this clinic jugak, but clinic was close due to CNY. received 1 cleared of different pictures of head and thigh in one printed picture. so happy and happily cried all the way from clinic to home!!=)

so we went to this clinic for 3rd ultrasound. Poliklinik and Surgeri dekat simpang 4 (traffic light) Jalan Genting Klang, near Wangsa Maju LRT station. Klinik Kita kot nama dia. memang specialist in maternity and gynae rasanya. doktor melayu lelaki and very soft spoken. had almost 20minutes session with him. Dr. Hisham nama dia. tunjuk semua parts of the baby pie. head, tangan, perut, kaki, toe, peha, but could not find the private part sebab baby duduk kat position yang susah nak tengok. received 3 printed pictures of baby pie head, stomach, and thigh.

all of these ultrasound services price range from RM40- RM60.


then we went to Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar at seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju. sedap sangat, we had double beef patty and lamb burger. and the drinks they offered was the best!! lemon juice with soda. mak aihh, sedap sangat!!

went home straight and arrived around 12am. memang terus tidur la masa tu. =)

so i guess, we just have to wait until the delivery of the baby. so mama tak payahlah susah-susah nak belikan barang untuk baby pie lagi. or maybe i will only buy all whiteys je, unisex and senang nak mix match kan. and also, mama have to wait until habis pantang la untuk ke Chilli's, sebab if i know it by now, dah boleh suruh papa belanja makan dah. hikhik...but i can't sebab i tak tau.=)

so baby, keep it together yea!mama really miss you!!even if you are inside me, but i just wish i could hold you and kiss you. walaupun mama miss you, but please come out at 39weeks okay, not earlier than that. hehehe....i love you much....see you soon... *love*

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Pinkjambu said...

assalammualaikum, jumpa blog u sebab tgh dok google pasal Klinik Idzham Taman Melawati.

Nama doc tu doc Siti ke? Tak friendly langsung! I sesaja google nak tgk mcmana service Klinik ni, mungkin i sorang je berperasaan mcmni.

Definitely xnak pergi lgi klinik ni!

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