Thursday, April 26, 2012


Alhamdulilah.this week memang happy sangat sebab takde class. Because this week is mid term week. So the whole week will be exams for the student. Sebenarnya kalau nak buat class boleh saja,but I have done my job by keeping up the phase,one chapter per week memang dah habis la katenye.

So this week I'm surfing/marking test/assignments/prepare finals. Na§ib la boleh buat jugak. If not I really don't have time for that.

I don't think I will be able to do part time if I decided to sambung belajar. Really I can't. But I'm planning to sambung study lepas kahwin.

Ok let's see why I did so far.

1. Losing weight
Alhamdulilah. As far as I'm concern,I did lost some weight. As I myself I don't really believed that I actually can do that. I don't believed in myself.maybe He did.Allah knows that one day I will realized that. Yang I boleh sebenarnya if I put my mind into it. I pray that I will not simply gain weight.maybe in 50 years.maybe never.

2. Working
So far okay.I'm quite dissapointed because salary I tak naik.but my boss baik and I like the condusive environment. So I'll stay here until I found a better offer.

3.Love jgn cakap la. Yes babes, I'm going to be someone's wife in 9days. I can't believe and I takot sangat. Banyak yang I fikir. Heee...seram oi!

ok.doa semoga baik2 saja utk saya dan keluarga.amin.
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