Thursday, August 20, 2015


Can i say that. now (i feel) my life is already complete?

I'm going to start with, Alhamdulilah (all praise to Allah). Ya' know why?

1. I have a loving husband, whom I'd known for almost 13 years.
2. I have two babies (yeay?). A 2 yr old girl and a 1 mth old boy. Boleh tutup kilang sekejap i guess. well, i love to have a lot of babies, but yeah. you know what i mean.
3. I still have a job. Can't wait to meet all of my students and start the class.
4. I pass my exams with flying colours. Paper dah la bapak susah.
5. I get back my weight before pregnant because i can fit in into my Levi jeans. why bother? sebab that was a gift from my husband and i pakai 2 kali je before my tummy grew. jyeah! but kena buat sit up because the pouch is still there. haish!

Nanti nak update cerita delivery and macam2 lagi....for the time being, let me enjoy my moments!

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