Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Breakfast Out : La Bodega, Bangsar Shopping centre

so after so long tak lepak dengan my other group friends (you know, we have childhood friends, high school friends, uni friends, working friends, husband's friends etc etc you name it), with prompt decision making, we decided to meet up at La Bodega BSC. of course, sebelum pergi haruslah i survey food apa yang sedap untuk dimakan. nyum nyum!!

i thought i'm going alone, you know because breakfast will start at 9am as what we planned so i dont think i have enough time to wait for encik husband and sophea siap,kan? oh well, he wanted to follow me jugakkk... baru nak fefeeling single ngurat abang barista but it's good though. yela kan.....nampak la die sudi jadi peneman hidup i kemana saja arah hidup kita ewahh....hahaha! i was quite suprised actually yang dia nak ikot despite that he knew yang all girls punye gossip session.

tapi nampak sangat lelaki ni tak suka gossip kan. what he did? reading newspaper and taking care of sophea yang campak bib and all that she can hold on to the floor while mommy was busy gossiping with hands on air...hehehe....

we arrived at 10.30, the girls ada yang sampai awal and ada yang sampai sangaaattt lambat. apeda....we stayed there until 12.30pm. we thought of going to the Mid Valley to catch up on the baby expo tapi tak boleh sebab packed macam sardin. hahaha...nasib kat BSC ade Krispy Creme (encik husband taknak makan Jco or Big Apple sebab dia kata Krispy kreme terbaik!). i would heavily advise to take only the glaze one. sedap nak mampuihh...

anyway, what did we ate on that breakfast day? ermm...ingat nak makan english breakfast, sekali teringat yang im on a not so strict diet program, i decided to dug into pancake and caffe latte. while encik husband took french toast and orange juice.

Big Breakfast , RM33++
French Toast , RM11++
Pancake, RM11++

as for review:
1. pancake cost us rm11. rm3 additional for extra flavour. i took the original flavour butter and honey. sedappppppppppp..... pancake besar muka dia bagi dua keping. nyum nyum!!!
2. caffe latte dia too strong to my likings as im not a coffee drinker. i added two packets of sugar to break the thick coffee cream taste. rm17.
3. i didnt taste the french toast. rm 11.
4. orange juice was okay. rm17
5. tasted big english breakfast. baked beans sangat sedap, and the mushroom....GOD! sedap nak mampuih... fully recommended. rm33.
6. yang lain tak ingat.

tempat sangat selesa dan sangat bersih dan sangat cantik. i even said this to encik husband, "sayang...maybe once in a while we can have our own sweet time lepak and having breakfast macam ni...". he just said that makan kuy teow goreng ke nasi lemak sotong kat rumah u masak lagi sedap smiled.

plenty of parking bays at BSC (if u'r early). on the breakfast date, my friend will be leaving for Japan soon, and my other friend is getting married. tu la sebabnya jumpe..nak pass kad kahwin. wehuuu!! congrats to both of you!

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