Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby Sophea

you know. our days are not the same from the first day sophea came into our lives. you know, the normal life we knew was waking up as late as 10am on weekends, late night movies and sleep by 2am. having morning exercise at the nearest park, or our night routine jogs. from the first moment i knew i was pregnant, i stop immediately of doing any exercises, but waking up late was still my hobby. ehehe..

anyway, sekarang bila sophea ada, tidur lambat jugak....but it continues sampai time nak pergi kerja. and when i fall asleep, it is already 7am where i should get ready to work. hahaha....lepas tu mamai2 la siap, and baju mana sempat capai, and mana yang dah gosok tu la yang i pakai. sadis sangat perangai camni...hahaha...

macam semalam, i came home qite early dalam 6.45pm. tengok baby sophea baru lepas susu. amek dia and tidurkan dia. OMG the smell of a baby, paling sedap dalam dunia!! i repeatedly kiss her head, cheeks, mouth and nose. i think she loves it when i do that, sebab dia diam jer, muka senyum2...and tak lama lepas tu she fell asleep.

then i cooked for encik husband. just a simple dish but encik husband tambah 3 kali. dia cakap sedap sangat!habis kalau tambah 3 kali takkan tak sedap pulak kan?? around 10.30pm, i received a message from encik husband. he said "thank you sayang masakkan untuk i...sedap sangat...i really miss your cooking...". i read it after i do my run. sweet jer.

bila dah tidur, sophea bangun plak nak milk. bagi milk and she refused to go back to sleep. haihhh la anak mommy. she was talking, shouting, playing the whole night. i dont know how and when, bila i bangun dalam pukul 4am, encik husband tengah tukarkan baju sophea. she threw out the milk, and pee pee on her father.
hahahahah.... noty baby... ;)

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