Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Day Sophea Was Born

i haven't tell you (or a record) of a story of how baby pie a.k.a baby sophea was actually born, kan? hikhik...fret not, it wasn't much of a dramatic side. i guess i am lucky (alhamdulilah!) that i get pregnant after 3 months married, i don't have serious morning sickness that, i can count of how many times did i threw up (3 or 4 times??), and delivering baby sophea was easy as 1, 2, 3. but after the delivery, during confinement was tough. tough as in i thought i can never be a good mother to baby sophea. but again, i managed to pull myself together to be strong for her.

the DAY!
i memang selalu akan bangun at around to urinate. kate pun pregnant. when you are pregnant, toilet is your ultimate best friend. so anyway, i masuk toilet, look at my panties; ok nothing unusual there - wee-wee and when i washed it down there, the water looked kinda red (red as in blood color). it was 5 days before my due date, so i guess "this is it!!". although i dont feel any pain or whatsoever, but deep inside my heart i know she's ready to see the world!

waking up daddy
i took almost 10 minutes to wake up encik husband. im quite worried whether is he ready?? and also i taknak dia like super terkejut and ruin everything...hahaha. so i took my own sweet time brushing my teeth, combed my hair, and tukar baju. then only i kejut him. and oh yes, dia memang terkejut. hahaha!! he changed into sweater and jeans like super fast and a second before we were out of our bedroom, he said,

"sayang....sempat tak i gosok gigi??".

haha...lawak gila. of course la boleh sebab i bukan sakit pon.

driving to the hospital

the weather was calm but chilled. maybe bukan sejuk mane pon but the nervousness yang i rasa makes it like sejuk gila. apparently, encik husband pon rasa. traffic was so clear. takde sebijik kereta pun, so i guess it was a smooth driving. tak sampai 30minit kitorang dah sampai hospital.

at the hospital
ada sorang abang je tengah tunggu wife dia kot. no nurses at the counter that i had to ring the bell. after registration and all, i was admitted. the nurse put on a machine to monitor the baby's heartbeat and also to check upon my contraction. according to them, there were a mild contraction but i don't feel a thing.

the doctor had to breaks my waterbag, then only i felt the contraction. i was ready in the labour room at around 6.45am. had a 30minutes contraction, and at around 8.15am baby sophea was born. my servix had already opened by 2cm when i first came in. when i was in the labour room, the doctor said i was already opened by 6cm. then it was 9 cm, and when my doctor (my specialist) came into the labour room, i was ready for a push.

the push
it was easy, but it wasn't as hurting as what people said. tapi, setiap orang ada rasa sendiri, setiap orang ada sakit sendiri. in my opinion, labour pain wasn't that bad, and we (women) boleh je atasi sakit tu. serius rasa dia macam sembelit jer. the hardest part masa nak keluarkan kepala baby tu jer. but it wasnt that bad pun.

i dont take any epidural nor taking that laughing gas. i memang taknak sebab i nak experienced sendiri sakit bersalin tu macam mana. and i did it!! and i am so proud of myself!

my husband
husband was with me all the time. in the labour room, he recited the yasin for my easy delivery. he hold my hands with every contraction i had.he helped me with every push i've done. if it wasn't him, i'll be all alone not knowing what to do. he is my strength and i thanked god for lending him to me. i need him. and i need him alot. when baby sophea was out, he azan-ed her. it was a sweet moment looking at both of them. and i started to love both of them so much from then on.


no jerit2 onee....hehehehe....anyway, confinement was tough. nanti kita cerita la the experience. but now im okay and fully recovered. i baca banyak ayat ni untuk kekuatan.

"lailahillah anta subhanaka inni kuntu minnazzolimin..."

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sHe said...

whoaaa cepatnye.....
my contraction was bad jugak, and kite kena gunting banyakkkkk sampai montot pun kena jahit sebab Emir is besar kot, mak dia cenonet.

bersalin normal was truly an experience kan? hehe

Fareenz said...

hi she...
yup....a beautiful experienced. and i missed that moment...hehe

eh yeke??ala...i cant read ur blog...bole tau exp u sedih...

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