Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar

Semalam is a girl night out with my bestie. The last time i met her was during my engagement day on the 17th September 2011. Sekarang sudah berapa haribulan? yes 12th December 2011. So, as a girl, there were so many things that need to be updated (such as who's dating who, what brand type of car are we using, where saloon did you get your hair coloured, am i putting on weight, who's getting in the fight etc). In order to update 'our' list, a nice place such as a quiet one and serving good food is a MUST! yela, kang pergi tempat bising nak kena jerit-jerit bila bercakap macam ape je dah.

My friend, suggesting nak pergi Cozy Restaurant (at the upper level of the mall) or Alexis (ground floor). Since i dah pernah makan at Cozy Restaurant, so i chose Alexis, Bistro & Wine Bar. Anyway, the initial plan was to go Delicious at Dua Residency, tapi apakan daya, Smart tunnel closed down due to heavy rain and flash flood dekat KL causing massived jammed all over the place.

Dah la i lapar puasa. balik rumah makan sayur kesukaan bendi goreng cili padi. tibe-tibe got the BBM from her, "im out of Pavi (Pavillion)..". still makan-makan lagi. but when she BBMed , " dah kat Jalan Ampang..", berdesup amik kunci kereta. ikut Jalan Jelatek heading to Jalan Ampang memang tak jam langsung. Masuk Jalan Ampang, biasalah kan time-time pukul 8.00pm camtu.

This is the main entrance of Alexis at The Great Eastern Mall (GEM). second time visit to GEM. banyak kedai siot. i am definitely going to GEM lagi after this. kedai makan pun banyak. Staffs at Alexis ramai foreign worker compared to Malaysian. Even our personal waiter (personal because dia je tukang amik order hantar semua) pun dari Filipino if im not mistaken muka sebijik macam Irwansyah.

This is the table setting in Alexis. Nice and simple totally my style (^^).

This was my choice of drink. Coke with additional Lime. rasa? coke laa..haha. (Coke RM9.00++)

This was my friend main plate. Beef Steak with Mushroom Sauce and Mashed Potato. She had it in medium well with no blood. Sedap nak mati. Nasib dia tau kawan dia boleh tahan kuat makan, dia potong-potong bagi I makan. the best beef steak i ever taste (so far). (Beef Steak RM60.90++)

This was my dinner. Beef Lasagna super cheesy and meatyyy. sedap sangat but i couldn't finish for the portion was quite big. tapi maybe sebab i dah makan sikit kat rumah tadi maka maybe perut i dah half full. (Beef Lasagna RM32.00++)

And this was our dessert!! Mula-mula dah penuh perut tapi for the sake nak rasa jugak, we asked for choices of cake and icecream. Kitorang pilih Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream. My friend tu selalu travel oversea thus dia maybe dah banyak kali makan brownies kat luar sana yang super sedap, but for me this brownies adalah cukup moist, not that sweet, and sedaaapppp sangat2!! (Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream RM15.90++)

Total Damage : RM139.00 for two

Overall Rating : 8/10

Definitely i will go back to Alexis. Although it was quite pricey, but once in a while i can go there just to have their brownies..hehehe..

The best thing was, jumpa gegurl i!!wohoo...walau dah tua bangka (aik?tua ke) perangai tetap tak berubah. gelak like there's no tomorrow. walau kat tempat elegant macam tu, we are still best friend and we are still what we are. Even if she is somebody (or Datin to be), she is still my bedmate, room mate and best friend. We never looked down on each other, and the good thing is, we are there for each other.

ps: ok encik Tunang, sila simpan duit nanti nak kena belanja i kat sini..*hugsandkisses*

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Total Damage : RM139.00 for two

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