Monday, November 14, 2011


today is not a good day for me. bukan sebab apa, i'm having a fever,but the good news is that, i'm on leave la today. around 10.30am i went to a clinic nearby. total of RM45 and a 2-day leaves. i wish there is a government clinic or Klinik 1 Malaysia, which will be much cheaper and much nicer. DR kat klinik tu garang and not welcoming enough. prftttt.

mulut pahit jer, so i cater for a sweet thing. fruits, creamy spaghetti. 100 plus pun i tak minum sebab pahit la sangat-sangat. everything seems abnormal today.

teringat masa encik tunang sakit. i bought for him sup and ape ntah, sebab dia demam. i wish he would have send me the same thing, tapi right now dia tengah sebok meeting, outstation plak tu. semalam dia cakap, kalau dah kahwin and he have to outstation, macam mane? yang boss tu pun nak meeting buat jauh-jauh kenape?hish!!

dahla, i sakit kepala, feels heavy. dah 3x makan ubat ni, feels better tapi still macam hangover sikit.hope will be better sebelum malam nie.

ps: missing.

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