Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Up Side Down

Where do I begin? Okay.for the past few weeks,I had been in a kind of situation yang I rasa tak pernah di alami oleh mana-mana pihak pun kat dunia nie; Bila nikmat cinta ditarik dalam sekelip mata.okay fine. Exaggerate. Orang lain pun pernah rasa,but I was devastated.I really was. And I think my world has come to an end.

A week before this sad thing happen,I was happily went on a date with him.and I don't expect any of this scary thing to least not a week after a loving date,no?

So when he said he wanted to break off our relationship (for a certain reason I don't want to mention here..awwwww..don't be sad..haha), I was damn shocked and really rasa nak pengsan. I was crying like mad but at the same time I know I have to let him go.after 7 years. Selepas 7 tahun yang penuh rasa cinta. We don't get on a fight nor we have major problems with each other.It just happened and it happened on the 10th of july.

I was devastated.I can't work.I can't eat.I cried everyday at the friends were crying parents were sad,so do his parents. Days were so gloomy.I lost a few pounds due to that. He even change his relationship status on that time,I know he is serious.

I was praying like there's no tomorrow.I never pray before.I mean not that diligently. Deep in my heart,I know I still want him.I really me stupid,call me stubborn. I really want him because I love him.I really2 in love with him. Orang yang pernah berasa cinta saja yang akan faham.

Until on the last monday,I decided to let him go.I really do. I just want to see him happy. I met him on sunday,he looked so sad,serabut.I can't see my love one like that.I really want him to be happy.and Actually I have already plan to leave for UK.I had contacted several friends kat manchester and london.and I should be gone, september is the earliest.

But things were not always according to our plan. Allah penentu segalanya,remember?alhamdulilah yang teramat sangat,we were back on track. He still loves me,and I still love him. I still takut-takut with him,but I hope Allah akan sentiasa meredhai hubungan kami.

Alhamdulilah, we will get engaged in just around the corner,and married after that. InsyaAllah. Amin.(I am crying when I type these words)

I just want to thanked Allah,sebab Dia tahu akan sebab yang terjadi dan Dia akan sentiasa membantu hambaNya yang lemah. Thanks to our parents yang tak putus2 doa untuk kebahagiaan kami. Thanks jugak kat kawan2 yang sentiasa bagi sokongan. Kawan-kawan yang tak pernah bersemuka pun sentiasa bagi sokongan.

And lastly, I want to thank (and appologize) to my dearest bf. Terima kasih sebab masih percaya akan 'kita'. Terima kasih kerana sentiasa menerima kurang lebih your own gf. I'm so sorry for all the wrong doings. I hope we will start a new life together with a new chapter. I'm looking forward to have a life with you because I love you so.

Ps: the sadness I felt during these past few days just cannot be describe in words. Allah je yang tahu.up until now I'm feeling the sadness but I just love him.itu sudah cukup untuk menutup rasa sedih tu.

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Princess Ayang said...

dear, i penah dgr 1 quote.. lbh kurang mcm ni bunyinya.. " true love is when u fall in with with same guy again, again and again"
my doa will always for u and him

Fareenz said...

thank you dear, thank you for your doa. i really need that..=)

true love sometimes IS stupid. but that is why we called it true love. because it is true from our heart.

dear,kenapa i x boleh baca your blog nie?saket jiwaaa...

Princess Ayang said...

Hehe.. I already closed my blog.. Dont hv time to write n also dont hv things to bebel2 dlm blog lg..

admit bout true love.. True love really drive us crazy kan.. Kdg2 pon i rsa nk giler dh handle bab hati ni.. Tp tabah la kan? :-)

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