Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celebrity Fitness

i always in love with workout *cough* exercise, especially aerobic. i was an athlete back in school dulu. i was a netball player, was an archer. (read: was). when i entered university for 6 years, jarang sekali nak workout. but somehow i managed (slightly) to controlled the food i consumed.

macam mana boleh terjadi member club celebrity fitness nie?

last sunday when i went out for a date (to discuss 'our' future, damn it was a very sad day) and i thought it will be the last day we were an item, he brought me jalan-jalan to one of the celebrity fitness outlet. back in my mind, i think he was crazy, sebab kenapa dia interested nak join celebrity fitness here, jauh dari rumah dia. but i heard he said, " nak compare price between celebrity fitness and fitness first..". so i macam okay je la.

while waiting, he asked me to wait outside. ada dua kemungkinan jer, he intended to buy membership for someone or himself. but the fact mungkin itu adalah hari terakhir we were an item, i jadi sakit hati bila fikir he will be around and quite near to me. macam mana kalau terserempak? mesti sedih kan. while waiting kat luar, i was crying. dah la lama tunggu.

so something happened on monday. to cut the story short, we were okay. on tuesday he asked me out for a date, dia kata penting sangat. janji jumpa pukul 9, but until 9.45pm i dont see him anywhere. bengang jugak sebab he is a punctual person, but i jalan-jalan pergi guardian la, cold storage la, nak sejukkan hati.

by 9.50pm dia called tanya i kat mane. and we met. i saw the celebrity fitness's official beg. so i said to him, "uuuuu....ade orang dah register la celebrity fitness. nape tak ajak?boleh orang join sekali.." dalam hati kecik ati jugakla, but i stay cool jer.

then tiba-tiba dia cakap, "nah sayang..untuk awak. as our wedding gift..". i was like, what the fish!? i took out the receipt, and it was about RM2000!!??i thought he was joking. gila apa kau membership mahal macam tu. tak mungkinlah kan dia nak beli untuk i.he said, " yer sayang...untuk awak..." sambil senyum-senyum paling manis sekali.

then dia terus bawak i jumpa the trainer, and the trainer explained everything, pasal classes and 12-sessions of training. still in a blurry mode, but adapted fast.

so yeah, this was the reason macam mana i boleh joined celebrity fitness. encik bf telah membeli advanced wedding gift. i dont feel offended, because I REALLY WANT TO JOIN THE GYM!!!WOHOOOOOO!!

thank you baby, thank you sayang!! sangat-sangat gembira!!i went to the training semalam, and best gila!!!i hope tidaklah hangat-hangat tahi ayam jer..teehee..

kadang-kadang Allah dah tuliskan cerita yang cantik untuk kita. i doa sangat cerita cinta i cantik sampai akhir hayat kami. i love him, and i know he loves me too. berdoa sangat tiada lagi dugaan yang hebat macam hari tu. i tak boleh hidup kalau takde dia..hrmm...sebak plak tulis macam nie.

so okay la. i hope i can get my ideal weight by the end of the training session. please please please...amin.

ps: doakan kebahagiaan kami yer. amin..~love~

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