Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fruitland Jusco AU2

so after we went to my friend's wedding at putrajaya, we don't feel like going home right after the wedding. instead i asked my friend to bring me to jaya jusco AU2 keramat. we stop by here, FRUITYLAND!!

this was mine. FRUITY LOLO SOURSOP RM6.90. the taste was so masam (sour), but taste good for my liking. ada sac of the soursop itself, and to be able to munched it was great. recommended for people yang suka sourness, like me!

oh actually this was a wrong ordered dish, but the flavour and the dumplings adalah sama. DUMPLING SOUP RM8.90. soup dia sangat sangat sangat sedap. rasa macam soup tok nenek kita buat. recommended for everyone!

TAO FU FA RM3.50. not to sweet and served while hot. memang macam tao fu fa cina and makan semangkuk memang tak cukup. the tao fu fa very soft and milky to munch.i love it to bits!

ni ape eh nama dia. should be FRUITY LOLO HONEYDEW RM7.90 kalau tak silap. combination of susu and honeydew memang sangatlah terbaik. i curik 2 - 3 sips sebab sedap sangat.

boleh bawak kids here sebab tempat die yang warna pink (more to my favo color FUSCHIA), and ada playground and setting yang sangat childish. teringat masa budak-budak dulu...teehee...

so far i heard the franchise ada dekat the curve and also here jusco AU2 keramat. go la and bring your family. it is a great place to be!i definitely will go!

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i like this post!

Fareenz said...

u like the post or u want me to belanje u here??
anyway tq!!

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