Monday, March 14, 2011

Pending Pressie

hello...wahhh...sangat bersawang katenye. whatever!!hikhik... never know what i've been through this whole month. from a good thing to a very bad thing. for an example, i had my second biggest fight in my entire life. once i had when i was in sarawak, and now during my career life. can you imagine? a second before a disaster we were good friends, and now we don't even hope to see each other faces.

but really i thanked Allah for giving me strength until i can stand by my own.

but but the best thing is, i have him for every second of my life. really..tak pernah sekali pun dia pergi jauh-jauh.okay fine masa gaduh, but we were hardly had a fight, and selalu tak gaduh lama macam dulu-dulu. yer..maybe kami semakin menua maka lebih matang dan tidak pembawakan budak.

today we went to Plaza Low Yat to find a netbook for him as he need it urgently for his work.still i cannot understand why can't he just buy an iPad, it is easier la sayangg...hadoii!(easier for me lepas kahwin nanti..hahaha!) but anyway he got his netbook.

since my birthday present is still pending, i asked him whether can i have an external hardisk for my pressie. sure i can, he said. but....i still want something that is useful than practical?ngaaa....

cantikkkk kann??tadi nak pergi cari tapi dah lambat since hari ni kerja so malas pun yer. tapi kalau nak, baik 1 Tera terus. baru puas hati kannn???

yang ni benda yang nak sangat dia belikan. entah kenapa. running shoes?aihh...having to know him for the past few years, yes he is a practical person. adelah once i awhile he is not, but usually he is. adela tu udang disebalik batu..anyway, klau nak beli yang ni la cantik. black and fuschia is SEXY!

yang ni lagi satu. kemas je and cantik. anyway, pink or better FUSCHIA mesti ada tau!!

tapi kalau dapat yang ni full set memang heaven. tapi kalau dapat blusher, foundation, and compact powder pun dah cukup. since lipstick is not my cup of tea. tapi sekarang keluar version wonderwoman tapi diorang kata tak best. so beli normal all season product la better kan.

haih tak tau la nak pilih ape. tapi pending dulu lah since i've got no time to think and im not in a major situation to use one of those. and i'm in no rush pun. :)

7years and it's about time!yeay!

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