Saturday, March 28, 2015

Being redha

you know, sometimes at one point of your life, you don't care about anything else rather than yourself, and people who loves you, and people that you love the most. even to come to an extend, you just care about yourself and your family, cause you know that family wont leave you terkedek-kedek behind. heh...

im at my almost 7months now. baby is growing well. i already know the baby's gender but yet not to reveal it till the baby is born. i just want to say ALHAMDULILAH. thank you Allah for giving me such rezeki.

anyway, do you know about redha? and what actually it means and what are the effects of redha towards one's life?

 "Redha bermaksud menerima dengan rasa senang dengan apa yang diberikan oleh Allah s.w.t samada ia baik atau buruk, samada ia berupa hukum, qada' mahupun ketentuan daripada Allah s.w.t".

especially when you had a bad day, or something bad happened to you that day. at first we might feel dissapointed, outcast, frustrated, angry, maybe we might blame others, or we might even blame ourselves due to what happened. but when it comes to being 'redha'. you will look at things differently, different dari apa judgements kita at the first place. we can even accept it simply just like that without being judgemental.

and you even feel relax and calm.something yang kita boleh achieved just by being 'redha'. redha dengan segala apa yang Allah dah tentukan untuk kita.

this year 2015, really a year yang i takkan lupa seumur hidup i. both good and bad things did happened to me. and you never know what i had been through this year, and i passed through it, ALONE. alone (but not lonely definitely...haha). faced it, digested it, ALONE. i can say that i'm a pretty strong woman. i might not be a pious woman, but just by simply being redha dengan apa yang Allah dah 'tulis' untuk i, makes me what i am today.

so for what i had been through, give me sky and mountain, insyaAllah i can survive.hahaha...ish, takbur bunyik nya. no, what i mean is, experienced do teach me, you can never trust a person 100% except for yourself. this was what i get when i trusted a person too much. err...but i tend to trust people easily. one of my weaknesses maybe. tapi..really i tak sangka..

right now, just by being redha, i dah tak berapa kisah what will happen in my life, sekarang or later. i had gave so much, and this is how it repay me, then suit themselves. be it work, study, or anything in between. i just want to do things that make my life happy and conducive enough for my babies to grow well. I HAD GAVE SO SO MUCH, probably TOO MUCH. and now people do take me for granted.

if that so, then que sera sera. ;)

remember, life is too short to be wasted. people come and go, memory wont last for that long, yang sentiasa ada dengan kita is Allah, and He will never leave us, only we who left Him.

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Anonymous said...

i am the one who still loveeeeeee to read your blog since zaman batu dulu.

i have sense that kakak auni sophea nak dapat adik nanti. and im rightttt!

congrats fara!
semoga adik sihat masa dlm kandungan & lepas lahir. sumpah happy gilaaa for you , naza & auni

*hugssss* - she

Anonymous said...

okay ini malu.....hahahaha =)))

Ezzaty said...

i also your silent reader..
Lama btol nak tggu new post. heeee..
suka baca story2 u manja ngn hubbs u..
semoga dipermudahkan segalanye with your 2nd pregnancy dear..

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