Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Being a loyal wife


Being a wife is not easy. being a loyal wife even harder. not the fact that a wife do not want to be a loyal person, it is just that 'she' was not been appreciated the way she had been loyal to her husband, all these while.

taking care of the house, the kids, all the clothes, cooking and everything else, what do you mean when you say "it is not enough for a man" and the fact that boys will always be boys. i mean like, com'on , dont you think if is not enough for a girl, we would actually definitely fine other guys to fit all the three quota?

but we don't my dear husband(s). as what Islam taught us to be humble in everything we do, and be satisfied with everything we have in life, we have everything we want, why do we need 3 husbands then?


we, wives, has been sacrificed a lot. definitely a lot more than you. marry you, give birth, our body are distorted (hahaha...) due to the pregnancy, tak rasa kesian ke kat kitorang?

Like seriously. kalau dah tak suka sangat kat kitorang, just leave us and be happy with the one who can actually can make you happy. but just dont lie to us, dont hurt us physically (no pukul2) and mentally, serta emotionally. kalau you husbands dah tak mampu nak cater kebahagiaan kitorang wives, biar other guys have the chance to make us happy. ececececehhhh...

we also have the right to be happy.

ps: orang lain punya cerita, aku lak yang emo. hahaha....ini tak boleh jadi... hahaha

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