Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ready for second baby?

nope. i'm not pregnant. hahaha.... it is just the question of "when are we going to have our second baby?" comes lingering in my mind (lately!). is was not like i-want-the-baby-now kind of thing,like really. it was just like, a thought, a question and that's all. because definitely we want more than one child of our own. right? of course, my husband did once or twice asking 'us' the same question but not in a kind of serious tone. but by listening to that coming out from his mouth, giving me butterflies in the stomach. hahaha...

a happy one yea, bukan yang cuak. haha.. means i've done a good job of being a mother that makes him goes, "my lady, she's an awesome mom! so i want another one with her.." hahahaha...

anyway, we didn't take any medicine to suppress the objective of getting pregnant, we just do it our own way. preventing the ovulation days etc etc. for us, being pregnant is an ultimate gift from Allah, so why bother stopping Him? because you can't my dear. kun fa ya kun. semua atas izin Allah. so for us, kalau Allah nak bagi, either we are ready or not, we have to do it. our responsibilities. Amanah Allah. jadi kena la jaga kan?

it's the fact that we have to wake up early, sleeping deprives, costing on milk and diapers etc etc make us wonder whether are we financially and emotionally stable for our second baby. for my side, it is more to emotional stability. penat kot.

but the thought of getting the best smell in the whole world, bau baby... bau masam susu dia, hearing the baby's cry, those tiny little fingers, the innocent look on their faces, the act of trying to 'burp' them...ahhh...those priceless experiences that actually make us mom coming back for more children. sobs.... i just reminisced the early days of me and baby sophea. how tiny she was. hihi...

so if you asked me, have i or havent i be ready for our second baby?'s a NO. hihi..i have plenty of things need to be learn as a mother of one. studying the pattern and trying to deliver the best that i can to be a good mom. while on the husband's side, he did a tremendous job of being a handsome father. he had give so much love to baby sophea since day one. i couldn't ask for more.

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