Tuesday, May 20, 2014


fuhhh...lama gila tak update blog. occasionally, i read some common blogs that i love, tapi for my blog to be updated, adalah mustahil. but things change, so do i.hahahaha.

masa adalah lebih banyak dihabiskan dengan scrolling up and down the instagram. man, they are 'the' new addiction!! so bila nak update blog kan? there were a couple of times me and encik husband had a fight over this matter, and we concluded that having a smartphone is just not so smart, and can ruin one's relationship. ha yela, tengah makan duk sebok scrolling, ape jadahnya kan? so kitorang decided not to have our phone at home, during eat out (except for picure's taking...prfttt), and during le sexy time. hahaha....the last one i added.

selalunya i la paling banyak guna phone. but i guess becaue of me, encik husband pun doing the same thing. ended up we were not talking to each other. which is not good kan?? luckily i realized that sooner, so now, i can actually see and feel that we actually enjoyed our le family time together without the phone.

see???kalau kita nak berubah, we have to choose that WE want to berubah. life is a option dude. just dont make excuses.

oh apa khabaq semua??? *heard echos because no one in here..hahaha*

eh nak buat next entri la. cerita pasal kesetiaan!! me likey!!

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