Saturday, October 22, 2016

What did i do wrong?

What did i do wrong?

Soalan yang keep on haunting me kalau i rasa things are not the way it suppose to be. Things that are not going to the place it should go. and i was so scared that things will never go to where i suppose it should be. confusing much? so do i.

What did i do wrong?

i have no answer. i have been searching for it for as long as i know but yet i didnt have the answer. i was scared. i really am. scared of things yang i tak tau what will happen. i feel like im all alone doing this BIG thing. trying so hard to ensure that it will not fall down.

What did i do wrong?

maybe i feel like people will not betray me. people will always be kind to me, and treat me with respect and attention.

maybe at this time only i realized that i was actually did something wrong. i let people do exactly what they like, i let people do things that they are not suppose to do, i let my emotion over powered my critical thinking, i let love (if you read my blog you will know that i am person who have so much love for the people that i love, so much that i sometimes forgot to love my own self) keep me away from reality. i let people take me for granted.

for so many times.

and now i know i have to do something. but what is it? but how?

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