Tuesday, March 11, 2014


rezeki Allah ada di mana2. luckily when i was told to resigned as i was promised to secure a place at 'the' company, 'the' company rejected me and said that he didn't promised me anyting. what a f*cker. memang i takkan maafkan dia dan keturunan dia sampai bila2 sampai dia mintak maaf kat i and mengaku salah dia. and alhamdulilah. tak sampai sebulan i tak bekerja, i secured another job. well, being a person that is responsible to deliver knowledge, i get it again.

alhamdulilah. alhamdulilah. alhamdulilah. i dah bernazar if i get this job at this salary, i nak belanja makan both my families.

so, what's new with my working place? it is an international institution, with more than half of the workers are foreigners, i think not more than 10 are malaysians, some are chinese, indian and malay. so it is not only one malaysia, but it is one world. hahaha... the best thing is, i work until 2.05pm but my salary is more than what i earn at 'the previous' company.

so again. alhamdulilah. i just cant wait for my first salary!

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